* s t a r d u s t a g a i n s t a p a l e s k y *

A falling star is a phenomenon to an adult and magic- a miracle- to a child. Who's right? Things are what you define them. So who am I? I guess it's up to you...


*Mmmm Cadbury Eggs*

ARGH, that was a Walgreens commercial, nevermind.

Anyways I don't know where my car is. It's not in the driveway where I parked it. Well, that's just not cool.

I think I need to spend less time on the computer.

Actually, to be honest, I did spend less time here. I mean, I have been. It's just that.. when I'm home alone, why can't I check my mail? huh? Martin you have me freakin crazy now.

I am supposed to clean and then go to work today but I really wanna get the rest of my books in my car and then umm... study, and not do work. Isn't it funny how I'm just excited to study now that I'm not in school. Oh well, it works because I'll actually know what's goign on next semester.

I can't wait. I hope the housing thing works out for me and Ali (and Jenni and Sarah!) and it's not against the rules to completely switch around all the furniture so that we all still live together :-D I love those girls.

I'm so excited, I think I'm gonna go run and get some of this energy out :-)


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